Goldensea Chemicals Co., Ltd.

About Us

Goldensea Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a well known industrial chemicals and raw materials distributor with its own factories/OEM facilities around China & Southeastern Asia. 


We put equal efforts on products as well as service. Our objective is to maximize our clients' satisfaction,and meanwhile maintain a long-term sustainable supply chain and cooperative relationship in chemicals supply chain worldwide.


We are mainly specializing in fine chemicals,petrochemicals,specialty chemicals,organic chemicals and inorganic chemistry products which have been highly commented by our worldwide existing customers from various industries.

Our Products include Petroleum resin,C5,C9,C5/C9 copolymerized hydrocarbon resin,Modifed hydrocarbon resin;gum rosin,Terpene resin,Ester Gum,Hydrogenated Rosin;Specialty oils,White oil,Base oil,Rubber process oil,Foot oil,Aromatic oil;Petroleum wax,Paraffin Wax,Micro Crystalline Wax,Slack Wax,Residue Wax;,synthetic wax,Polyethylene Wax,Fisher Tropsch Wax,LDPE Wax, HDPE Wax,Polypropylene Wax;Petroleum Jelly,solvents,Chlorinated paraffin,Toluene,Glycerin,Polyisobutylene,Isobutylene,MTBE;Synthetic Elastomers,EVA,ABS,SBR,SBS;Soda Ash;Stearic Acid;Rubber and Plastic Additives,Anti-aging,Accelerant,Anti-scorching,Vulcanizing
Agent;Chemical Anxiliaries for Adhesives,Candles,Paints,Coatings,Construction,Inks,Stationery,PVC,Lubricants,Plastics,
Gumbase,Dental Floss,Food packaging,Anti-Moisture,Antiproof,Cosmetics,Rubber,Tire,Explosives,Metal Polish,Fine castings,Industrial Sealing,Textile industries,sealants applications,etc.

We Goldensea are looking forward to working together with serious partners and clients!